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Ensuring a safe return to workplaces

19th April 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

NUJ London Magazine Branch – April 2021 branch meeting

Join the Zoom meeting via our: www.facebook.com/groups/LondonMagsNUJ/

With Natasha Morris, NUJ legal officer and Liz Else, Branch H&S officer

This month we are holding an advice clinic for members and reps on how to deal with any concerns about returning to work in the office.

The TUC has emphasised that there is still a need for strengthened guidance for employers on making workplaces safe, even with the roll-out of the vaccination programme.

So what can employees expect when going back to their offices and what should a safe return involve? Do companies have to share their risk assessments with all employees? Can individuals refuse to return? What key aspects should members be looking at – for example, how can you ensure adequate ventilation and social distancing as well as hygiene and sanitation measures are being put in place? How can staff self-isolation be assured? And what are the implications of hot-desking?

Natasha Morris, NUJ legal officer, and Liz Else, Magazine Branch H&S rep, will lead a discussion and Q&A session to help members and reps get prepared.

See the NUJ COVID19 H&S Page including TUC “A Safe Return to the Workplace” PDF


Plus – workplace reports and branch business

Provisional agenda

  1. Return to work advice clinic
  2. Workplace reports
  3. Branch motion (see below)
  4. DM update – including Late Notice Motions (see below)
  5. MABIC/NEC feedback
  6. Membership – new and lapsed members
  7. AOB

Look forward to seeing you on Monday.

All the best

NUJ London Magazine Branch Committee
For any queries please contact Branch Chair Caroline Price on price.carrie@gmail.com 

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Visit the newly revamped branch website: https://www.nujlmb.org.uk/

Branch motion


Donation to NUJ Extra

This branch notes:

NUJ extra is the NUJ charity, and as such, it is our charity.

NUJ Extra has launched a third wave of support for members who have lost work due to the pandemic, which will put extra pressure on its financial resources. This is expected to last until 21 June. Members who are the sole income earner and have dependants, who have a caring role, or who have no other available support, will be prioritised for support

Over the past year, NUJ Extra has helped a woman with two young children who had to flee her alcoholic husband, children who have lost a parent, many members made redundant and left in penury, and bought an air purifier for a member with recurrent lung infections due to cystic fibrosis, among many other vital interventions.

This branch donated £2,000 to the charity at the beginning of the pandemic.

This branch resolves:

To donate £2,000 [or other such amount to be agreed at the meeting on 12 April 2021] to NUJ Extra.

DM Late Notice Motions


  1. Northern Ireland journalists

This DM condemns the physical attacks and threats against a photo journalist and other journalists during the recent riots and disturbances in Northern Ireland.

All journalists should be able to carry out their work free from all threats and violence.

DM expresses solidarity with bus workers in Belfast who were also subject to attacks.

DM applauds the industrial action taken by the bus workers in response.

The NUJ will support all such efforts and initiatives by trade unionists in the north of Ireland to stand united against intimidation and attacks, including from paramilitaries, and from state coercion, and support all trade union initiatives to campaign for a society based upon equality, justice, a living wage, decent housing and real hope for all communities based upon the common interests of all working class people

  1. Oppose the new Police Bill.

DM notes:

The Tories’ new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill attempts to limit the right to protest in the wake of Covid pandemic.

Following a decade and more of austerity we will be asked to pay the price for the Covid-19 crisis. Working class communities, women, BAME communities and disabled people have suffered disproportionately.

The new Policing Bill gives police new powers to stop protests that cause “serious disruption” to an organisation or have a “relevant impact” on people nearby.

A further clause in the Bill criminalises protests causing “serious annoyance” – every employer and reactionary could use this claim to curb protest.

DM further notes:

The attempt by police to break up a vigil in memory of Sarah Everard on Clapham Common.

Attacks by Police in Bristol and elsewhere against peaceful protests against the Bill

The Bill increases stop and search powers that will be used to scapegoat minorities and increase racism.

The Bill includes a new trespass offense that will be used to target Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups.

Clauses against “unauthorised encampments” will be used against Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups potentially seizing homes, putting parents in prison and children into care. It could also hit homeless people making makeshift shelters and protesters.

DM believes:

The Police Bill is an assault on our right to assembly and protest aiming to make it as ineffective as possible.

The Bill is a threat to trade union activity, restricting our right to protest, placing further limits on our freedom to picket during industrial disputes.

DM resolves to:

  1. Oppose any attempt by government to use the COVID-19 crisis to limit the right to protest.
  2. Campaign against the whole of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.
  3. Work with other campaigns – human rights, environmental, anti-racist and all those defending the right to protests , and GRT organisations fighting the criminalisation of their way of life -to oppose and defeat this attack on our rights
  4. Call for a coordinated Trade Union response to this Bill through the TUC


19th April 2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




Online event